The Story of Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade, “Painter of Light” is the most collected, living artist in the world. He has sold more canvases that any other painter in history.

Kinkade is inspired by the simple act of painting straight from the heart, putting on canvas the natural wonders and images that moved him. Thomas’s luminescent paintings and the products created from that art, reflect the simple pleasures and values; family, community and the celebration of beauty and goodness. Thomas’s artwork is recreated as collectables, such as the Teleflora Christmas Bouquet Collection. These collectable winter scene figures with fresh flowers have been extremely popular with our customers who love to collect the series. This year, 2011, as well as having lights in the home there is the addition of music to go with the Christmas Carolers theme.

Thomas’s goal as an artist is to touch people of all faiths and to bring peace and joy into their lives through the images he creates. Through his artwork Thomas conveys a message to slow down, appreciate the little details in life and to look for beauty in the world around us.

Thomas spent one summer on a tour doing sketches with a friend, which turned into a best selling instructional book, landing both men jobs creating background art for the animated feature film Fire and Ice. It was during this time that Kinkade began to experiment with light and explore the imaginative worlds that would play such an important part in his future work.

For a time, Kinkade earned his living as a painter, selling his originals in galleries throughout California. In 1982, he married his childhood sweetheart, Nanette, and two years later they began to publish his art. Kincade strives to lead a balanced life, committed to family values. He creatively fills his work with “love notes” by hiding the letter “N” in his paintings as tribute to his wife Nanette.

Thomas Kinkade has received many awards for his works, including multiple National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED) awards for Artist of the Year, Graphic Artist of the Year and his art has been named Lithograph of the Year nine times. In 2004, he received a special award from NALED recognizing him as Most Award Winning Artist in the Past 25 Years. As millions of collectors around the world sit back and enjoy his artwork in their homes, there is no doubt that Thomas Kincade has indeed achieved his goal of Sharing the LightTM.

Quote by Thomas Kinkade:
“I try to create paintings that are a window for the imagination. If people look at my work and are reminded of the way things once were or perhaps the way they could be, then I’ve done my job”

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