Flowers in Modern Art

While flowers have been popular subject matter for painters and photographers for centuries, there are some interesting new takes on portraying flowers in art.

Jack Long, photographer

photographer, Jack Long



Photographer Jack Long creates stunning images by creating flowers for fractions of a second by splashing coloured liquids and capturing them on film.

See his work online at;

500px / Jack Long / Photos


Photographer, Jack Long

photographer, Jack Long

The amount of patience and effort that goes into each composition is unfathomable.







Another direction in capturing flowers on film is taken by photographer Ori Gersht.

Ori like to blow flowers up, literally.

photogrpher, Ori Gersht

Gersht’s photographs and films provide a meditation on life, loss, destiny and chance. Allusions to the catastrophic violence of the Spanish Civil War, the bombing of Hiroshima and the suicide bombs that Gersht anticipated during his childhood in Israel can all be found in this work. As such, it reminds us of our past, present, and future, and, above all, the fragility of life itself.

photographer, Ori Gersht

photograpgher, Ori Gersht



I have to admit watching the video on Youtube of the making of exploding flowers, I felt sad to see such beautiful arrangements destroyed, but then that is the nature of flowers, they are only here for a short while before they wilt and transform into something new.

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