Spring Flower and Garden Shows

Posted March 2013 by Helen Blakey Flowers

Here in Toronto, on this grey snowy day, it’s hard to believe it’s the 1st day of spring 2013.   I know I’m growing impatient for the snow and ice to vanish, the ground to thaw and the trees to bud.  That’s why Garden and Flower shows are a welcome diversion this time of year. Many impatient gardeners sought out the spring vibes and gardening inspiration at Canada Blooms last week.

Indoor Garden Show

There are many regional garden shows around the world. I have always dreamed of making it to the elegant and refined Chelsea Garden Show on the banks of the Thames in London. While 11 acres of show gardens sounds spectacular in comparison to our now combined Garden and “Home Show”, it is dwarfed compared to the 33 acres of exhibits and major display gardens of the Grand daddy of Garden shows,

the Philadelphia Flower Show.

2013 Philadelphia Flower Show

Billed as the oldest and largest indoor garden show, for 182 years, the Philadelphia Flower Show has enthralled visitors from around the globe with stunning displays celebrating the beauty of plants and the art of gardening.

2013 celebrates the theme “Brilliant”, capturing the majestic beauty and creative inspiration of Great Britain. Displays at this year’s Flower Show will pay tribute to centuries of inspiring, influential design of London.

Visitors will be greeted by the scent of thousands of English roses at the Royal palace gates, which open to the show’s grand centerpiece: a sculptural, digitally enhanced rendition of Big Ben, complete with an hourly light and sound show.

The main exhibits will focus on Britain’s heritage and culture including Royal events, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, foggy London street scapes, Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and Beatles inspired Gardens. Also on offer are internationally renowned speakers, informative demonstrations, music and dance performances, wine and spirits tastings and more than 150 vendors.

This spectacular event has definitely been added to my bucket list.

Blooms by the millions

white orchids

Walls of Phalaenopsis orchid blooms

The event, the Christian Dior fashion show in Paris showcasing the Autumn 2012 collection by designer Raf Simons.

 Thousands upon thousands of fresh flower blooms clipped and inserted into massive walls decorating each room in a different colour palette.


Mixed fresh roses cover the walls



The logistics of working with as perishable a product as fresh flowers combined with the massive amount of labour required to install this makes for an impressive feat.

Blue delphiniums clipped and picked in by the thousands



Thousands of tiny blue delphinium blooms are inserted by hand ( or many hands!). The walls were first covered with stacked bricks of flower foam, then covered in chicken wire to keep them in place.



This behind the scenes video shows a fascinating glimpse into the project as it was being prepped and installed.

The beautiful results are eye popping.

Behind the scenes, Flowers at Dior Paris 2012

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sweet ThoughtsJust like people, flowers come in hundreds of shapes and sizes.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, carefully selecting the flower varieties and colours you send will result in a thoughtful customized gift your sweetheart will treasure. The first step is to consider your sweetheart’s preferences.

  • · What colours does she (or he) like? Men respond well to crisp and vivid colours such as reds, oranges or purple. Women tend to relish pastel tones of pinks, peaches and lavenders.
  • · Does she have any favourite flowers? What are his hobbies? Our expert designers at Helen Blakey Flowers can create arrangements that revolve around your sweetheart’s favourite hobby, sport or past time.

Ask yourself the message you wish to convey. Consult with us, your florist, we can explain the assortment of possibilities available. To get the best selection and ensure prompt delivery, call the week before Valentines Day. When you call, have the necessary information handy. Recipient’s name, full address, phone number, what you wish to send, your card message, and method of payment.

Field of RosesCelebrate Valentines Day All Weekend
With Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday this year, it is a perfect opportunity to celebrate all weekend long.

  • · Send flowers to your sweetheart at work on Friday Feb. 10th with a note saying “Looking forward to a romantic weekend” or “I couldn’t wait to say I love you.” She will be the first to receive Valentine’s Day flowers.
  • · Surprise your sweetheart by having flowers delivered to her at home on Saturday Feb. 11th.
  • · Send her flowers at work on Monday Feb.                                                                     13th with a note that says “I couldn’t wait                                                                        another day to tell you how much I love                                                                          you.” She will be amazed.

Happy in LoveValentine’s Day Colours
Red is a traditional Valentine’s Day colour. Other combinations also will WOW your sweetheart. Here are some popular colours and combinations for this Valentine’s Day.

  • Red, pinks and purple.
  • Hot pink, orange and lime.
  • Mixed purple shades accented with lime green.
  • Orange and red for a hot and spicy combination.
  • Hot pink, chartreuse green and orange sherbert tones are appealing to the young at heart.
  • Vibrant hot pinks.
  • Monochromatic (flowers all in the same colour family).

Send flowers to your Man

  •  Birds of Paradise paired with orange carnations and purple statice.
  • Tropical flowers with orange roses and a single red rose. Ask for them to be arranged in a contemporary vase with some bold foliage.
  • Plants such as Anthuriums, Bromelaids or other succulents.
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid plants.

Send flowers to your Mom

  • A lovely mix of blooms, such as lilies, alstromeria, roses and gerbs with beautiful foliages for texture and contrast.
  • For a “hip” mom, send something bright and spirited, such as orange or hot pink roses and tulips.
  • Flowers in her favourite colour.

Call the expert staff at Helen Blakey Flowers to arrange for a stunning display of your affections for all the people you love!
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Flowers, the gift of happiness

What I believe: Flowers open hearts

When you receive flowers, the doors of your heart swing open. When you give flowers, the doors swing open in response.

Expressing love and kindness through flowers to a friend, family members or lover – is faster and less complicated than words and communicates so much about you. Research proves, as I have always believed, that flower givers are thought of as caring and loving people who appreciate beauty.

Love yourself. Treat yourself to flowers. I am also a firm believer that the amount of love you have in your life starts with the amount of love you have for yourself. So, in addition to giving flowers to others, remember to give flowers to yourself too. Research shows that flowers make people happier. Make yourself happy and include flowers as a part of your daily self-love practice!

Your Florist is your BFF!!!

What follows is my advice for building loving relationships. Send flowers to spontaneously and instantly improve the mood of a friend or a loved one. Also here is your Florist, who is like that friend in the know, who has the best advice and the hottest tips, who you can always rely on to help you add that special touch.

One of the best-kept secrets is that a gift of flowers from one friend to another is the perfect fit and the flower power can be immense. Pick a flower or flowers that remind you of your friend’s unique spirit and include a note linking the flower to them. One of the greatest gifts you can give a person is the gift of really seeing them, especially at the times that matter the most.

There is something magical about sharing your life’s path with a friend for those important milestones…marking special times with flowers will keep you in their memories forever. Congratulate them on a professional achievement, a baby, a birthday or send a big dose of love when they need it the most. The time to build a friendship is when it’s strong, so one of my favourite times to express my appreciation is when they are least expecting it.

Sending flowers to a romantic partner is a natural way to express your emotions – with an added bonus. Flowers show how special and caring you are too. The truth is that great relationships take love and care, not hard work. If you step out of your busy life and take a moment to be spontaneous with the simple gift of flowers, you’ll be surprised with how much love you get in return.

Smart lovers know that flowers are like bursts of love you can give any day of the year to create a deeper intimacy with the people you love. No matter how busy life gets or what challenges you face, remember, the bond between you, is what matters the most. Think beyond tradition and send her (or him) flowers that remind you of a memory only the two of you have. Did you meet in the spring? Fresh tulips or a mix of spring blooms might be the key. Does she have a sunny personality? Sunflowers or flowers in bright cheerful colours will make her take notice. You get the idea. Flowers can signify so much – it’s up to you to make your move.

Let’s face it. Moms deserve a floral reward just about every day of the year. And what moms want more than anything is to feel their kids love. So, how easy is this? Pick a day, any day and send her the kind of flowers that express your love. Choose the flowers that say something about her. Does she love purple? Did she carry roses at her wedding? On her birthday, tuck an old photo of her and you into the card with a note saying “another year younger.” For many of us, an aunt, a godmother, an in law or even a family friend has been a mom to us. Return the love with a gift of flowers saying “Thank you for the impact you’ve made on my life.”

Finally, when you order flowers,tell your florist what statement you want the flowers to make. From a tender“You’re sweet” to a more direct “I think you’re hot” and anywhere in between. A floral arrangement can be designed to communicate your feelings and your florist can be your cupid any time, all the time! For easy and secure website orders visit helenblakeyflowers or call us at (416) 291-2117 or toll free (888) 425-0375.